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what is employee relations

The principal accountability of an HR of Employee relations is Employee connect. Employee connect include One-O-One sessions, Town Hall, Manager Meets, Team meetings, or Coffee with the head.

One-O-One should be done post RCA root cause analysis to find out the reason why we are doing this session and what will be the output of the session.

An ER (Employee relations) representative should initially check SWOT strength weakness opportunity threat to make sure that we are hiring the right person and that's how HR will make them sustain in the organization.

Skips should be meant as HR is skipping that designation for example if HR is conducting skip for a particular Team Leader or Manager then HR should skip that level and may involve the next hierarchy in the discussion.

Town Hall can be conducted as meeting with different teams for Cross location for team working in different projects to enhance Team connect and Team Building.

A coffee with head can be conducted for a casual discussion or interaction between heads of department and executives for good connect and it's a sign of open-door policy.

Employee relations also shows employee engagement and there are numerous ways of employee engagement which includes :

  • Employee engagement activities like team-building activity.
  • Motivational activity.
  • Employee Recognition like R N R 
  • Appreciation activity with monetary or non-monetary monetary benefits.

An HR representative will also do attrition analysis through EWS (early warning system) in which they receive input from heads of operations on which employee they think is going to leave the organization and operations will rate the employees under Rag which is Red Amber. (Red denotes that employee is definitely going to leave the organization, Amber States may or may not and green state that employee will definitely sustain in the organization. This activity can be conducted every month before the salary gets credited to their account.

Pulse survey in which HR keeps the data confidential and the employee does have opportunities to speak or highlight their concern without any fair or pressure.HR should interact with employees on weekly basis through any employee engagement activity of activity and HR will get the pulse during a casual discussion.

Career progression for succession planning an HR representative can promote the idea of IGP internal job posting through which employees get a reason to sustain in the organization for growth and appraisal.

Creating needs of training - HR can check with the learning and development team on conducting a refresher session on people management time management and it will be learning while earning.

Absconding calling and HR should always have data or records ready with them for employees who left the organization because they will speak the right reason while leaving the organization because at the time of exit interviews employed tend to speak different reasons.

Focus on voluntary attrition instead of involuntary attrition only counts when an employee leaves the organization with their choice like better opportunity, Personal or Medical reason, or relocation. HR should always have a detailed drill down the reason every employee left the organization.

Exit interviews are one of the most important KRA of any HR as this will give the real picture of the employee to an HR.

Demographics HR MIS can always have data in which they should have an account of male or female employees, Location, Education, Skill -Set, Role fitment so according to that HR can make an employee sustain with a fruitful discussion or interaction with an employee.

The newsletter is every month's activity as it will reflect the number of employees covered during employee engagement activities and employee connect.

The monthly calendar needs to be published every first or second of the month it should always have data on how many activities we have planned and how many employees will be covered under the monthly calendar. This is also known as Floor Touch Calender.

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