Love Story of an Innocent Girl | Love Story with my innocent Girl

The Love Story of an Innocent Girl Written by HBB

This story is not written with the aim of offending anyone. It is an independent and imaginative work of the poet. It has no relation to anyone.

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Love Story with my innocent Girl

Let's start the story-

This story is of a girl - who was very innocent, straightforward, and very beautiful. Who did not know anything about the world? She was confined to her family. In which her parents, siblings, some few friends who lived in some schools and some neighborhoods.

Most of her time was spent in the village, due to which she was not very special in studies. She tried and found success. Now she too started getting good numbers in studies. She was shy due to which she could not talk to the boys.

Used to talk to girls but not much. If he liked anything, they were small children. She played with them because she liked children. She started to grow up and along with her studies, she started getting along with everyone, her friends also started becoming friends.

Life took a turn -

She believed in her parents and did what they used to say. She loved them very much and that too. Now her life took a new turn, a boy came into her life. The boy studied in her class, whose name was Gautam. He was very smart, good looking. Because of this, all the girls in the school were his friends and also liked him.

Now, something happened like Riya was also studying with Gautam. As soon as she reached the twelfth grade, his love for the girl started increasing. They have both known each other for the last three years, there was nothing between them that they could name love.

In fact, this is the day when Gautam jokingly told the girl that she will marry me. That girl also jokingly said yes. From that day onwards the boy started dreaming of that girl. The girl was not even aware of this. They both used to come and study and go as usual.

Now the boy was serious towards him, the girl also liked to talk with him. This continued between them for some time, but one day the boy expressed his love. The girl did not say anything, she just kept quiet, because she could not understand what to say and what to do. She could neither refuse nor speak yes.

She did not want her family to be upset because of that. Because the boy belonged to another caste. She knew enough that his family would never accept this relationship. The girl could not explain such a thing to the boy.

Boy's madness -

Now the boy who always came first in studies started to pass because his entire focus was on the girl. He could do anything for her. He wanted her like divans. He could do anything to even see it once. The girl realized this craziness.

She could not even refuse him because he felt that the boy should not be doing anything wrong with him. The girl loved being with him. But she also knew what the outcome of his love story was going to be.

Therefore, she was never able to tell the boy his compulsion nor could she refuse him. Now it was the last year of school. Exams were about to take place. They also gave exams together. Some exam papers were left. Which they had to give again. Now the time was too much, meeting each other. The girl did not speak more than anyone before. One day she met her suddenly, but she did not even see the boy, the boy understood without saying what she wanted. Still, he followed her wherever she saw it.

Years passed, the boy still loved him. But the girl knew that they can never be one. She also knew that he would find no one in his life who loved him more. She could not do anything except remain silent. The girl continued her studies.

Girl gets married fixed -

The girl was afraid that he might not come in front of him. But this did not happen, yet the boy had all the information about him. Now the marriage of the girl was decided. He also knew this. And one day he came in front of her and said you recognize me. Who am I The girl said - Gautam! She could not speak anything except this.

This was his last visit. After that, the girl got married to someone else and she came to her in-laws. The girl doesn't even know what happened to the boy.

Maybe that boy will be happy in his life and that girl in his life. It is not necessary that you get everything you want. What you get in return also becomes a desire. We learn to live in this. It is a matter of time. Time heals every wound.

Last line-

Just the girl used to pray for the boy that he too could find true love. So that he can be happy in his life and forget that girl Riya.

This was a true love story of an innocent girl who wanted to be respected and happy by all. But they say - no one walks in front of that one. Whatever is the desire of that divine, Eventually the same thing happens.

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